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This site was created to share information with prospective clients who want to learn more about the services offered by The Law Office of Thomas R. D'Arco.


If you are a current client with a question about your case, please call your representative. We cannot provide service updates, nor do we have any information about your case.


The D'Arco team specializes in obtaining Loan Modifications, Second Mortgage Forgiveness, and Principal Reductions. Call us for a free, no obligation consultation today to learn more.

Listen To A Few Of Our Clients As They Share Their Stories:

An Example of How We Help Homeowners:


The following example is drawn directly from the actual case file of a recent client. No details have been altered, exaggerated, or embellished.


Our client had purchased a home in 2006 for $1.3 million dollars. After three years, the value dropped to $750,000.


> The client found himself saddled with a first mortgage of 1 million dollars with Bank of America, with a monthly payment of $5,000.


> The client also had a second mortgage of $248,000 with Wells Fargo, with a monthly payment of $1,200.


> In addition, this client had $50,000 in credit card debt.


Results Achieved:


> Our team convinced Wells Fargo to accept $24,800 instead of $248,000 through a buyout of his second mortgage. This buyout - at 10 cents on the dollar - saved our client $223,200, and eliminated the burdensome $1200 monthly payment entirely.


> We then negotiated a modification of his first mortgage with Bank of America, cutting his monthly payment from $5000 to $3600 a month (a 28% reduction on the first mortgage).


> Finally, our client's credit card debt of $50,000 was reduced 80% to a manageable settlement of $10,000.


In sum, our client’s monthly payment was cut by $4000/month, and we eliminated over $300,000 of debt. 

Our services are available to Americans in all income brackets, from those with multimillion-dollar properties, to starter-homes belonging to first-time home owners, and everything in-between.


In this economy, it makes very little sense to pay more than you can afford for a property purchased in better times.


If you've tried it alone, you know that loan modification is a very difficult process to navigate. The banks have full-time professionals working to protect their interests, so why shouldn't you?

About Us 


For several years we have helped good candidates for loan modification, and other services, connect with professionals that can consistently obtain results.


We currently work exclusively with a single firm because they have consistently delivered the strongest results to our past clients. We work in association with The Law Offices of Thomas R. D'Arco under bar number 79929.

The Law Offices of Thomas R. D'Arco has more than 40 years of experience in real estate law. We are very proud of the proven results the D'Arco team has secured for our clients. Consider acting now, while home values are down.

Our Goal

Our goal with every client is to keep you in your home until the firm we can achieve a result that will dramatically improve your situation.


If you think you may be a candidate for loan modification, principal reduction, second mortgage forgiveness, or a credit card debt settlement you should call immediately for a detailed assessment of your options.


When facing challenging circumstances it is important to understand all of your options.


There is no charge for a consultation!


DIRECT OFFICE LINE: (818) 436 – 2764


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